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Friday, June 11, 2010

rains and clouds, that's all bliss sacred


a beautiful rain night.^dinner is delicious. adding sidebar widgets to family clogs. the rain turns heavier in night. dirt around challenged me severely first&last quite some time. didn't buzz baby. attending d/l till 10:29pm went to bed.
read&attending d/l since got up.^it rained all night. dreamed of baby son, but can't remember now. patiently waited for download some games from web. buzzed baby's mom, emakingir for several times but unaccessible. today is memorial day of our wedding ceremony back to 2002. missing baby son very much these days. it drizzled all time today, but i felt extraordinary blessed&secure. missing Masheng, girl zhou, girl lü, in my screaming of songs in dad's old house in rain cats&dogs. after lunch, ema talked to me online, God don't refuse what she dreams after or for. as to me, i quite satisfied by my new portable disk&collection of games&warez from the most endeared Internet. God, i never live apart a second with my baby son, God of Universe, U know!! i love him, u, so much!


decision to return to baby son&aftermath.^last afternoon i felt pains, as well as inspiring from baby when i review family album online. decided to return Qiqihar to see him. God purified me with rains cats&dogs, and weeping cloudy. waited till baby returned from his kindergarten&buzzed in. baby received my call, permit my quit from my hometown Zhudajiu. informed elder sisters about my decision&asking help me buy train tickets on way to county city. rested in night with TV. then baby's mom, emakingir buzzed in, changed my choice by her possible tour with baby to Zhudajiu next month if she was allowed to stay with new grade sixth students in new term as she did now. baby again didn't talk to me in air, but i assured his mom i will be Ok if baby don't missing me now. informed elder sisters the new decision, waiting here till see if baby with his mom can visit the village in summer vacation.
dreamed of baby again.^dreamed of cult sales or MLM, likely again dreamed of baby son in gloom. got up till breakfast ready. sunshine flushed when i went to make water. last afternoon i deleted all unfinished downloads for the return to baby son, this morning i first arranged d/l after workspace ready. its cloudy now, but God knows linkage between baby&me stronger than ever. how great it would be when warrenzh, owner of domain warozhu.com, visit his grandpa's hometown second time with his mom in booming summer?!
tried new yahoo profile's homepage.^supplement missing tweet yesterday for postponed elation of reuniting again with baby son in Qiqihar, for his mom suggested a possible revisiting my passed dad's house in her summer vacation with baby. found yahoo redesigned user profile ui, made customization on it. nicely! also babbled with mother&visiting evil former neighbor wife on young lives' perished China situation. the demon, eldest brother also visited in order to profane. Pray God shows me soon sunshine for sanity.

benzrad's comments on the day.

benzrad朱本主子卓邱松说: a new generation of akin with English just urging to given birth sooner after the collapse of nowadays China authority hates&inferior to western power. English url superior&enjoyed by most Chinese to come. then those url consisted by numbers hotly chased after by Chinese isp today will dumped like rubbish, or paper tiger like nowadays China currency. quite born losers investing sinks.

there is surely disobedient between central Empire&tribe of Korea. || iamlukas(@iamlukas): || 爵士银猴(@i-houzi): +1


deadly craving for a real people's representative government heated and on hot.

by Benzrad Zhu

risk life to hurt bureaucracy who damage our life, that's righteous, except the real hidden dog that manipulating the infringement of our peace&quality of lives for decades since the stolen state power turns inner-outward. robbery occurs everyday nowadays in China.


God grants my joy of natural.^read while d/l most day. chatted with baby's mom, emakingir online but she in bad mood&soon rebuffed. a bit curious about vacation tour she promised if available. talked more about God to mother&had to clean dirt with aid from God. lately dined while downloading. in night chatted again with baby&his mom who now in right mood, likely after reckons. also adding her vodpod TV site onto honored links on her 163 blogs. God sees its a nice day, even chill&wind let people stay indoor all the cloudy day.
dreamed of once workspace.^dreamed of QRRS, my once long time employer. dreamed of its dorms, where a girl in family name Gao, likely named Gaorongxin 高荣欣, and some other girls trying to date me or other stuff. got up lately just for breakfast. its windy again, but i managed to work in open space in dad's front yard. enjoy Masheng in weak in need for me.!
a happy day with flock of visitors.^read till youngest elder sister&her husband visited for the coming dragon boat festival. mother cooked rich meal&drank&talked about kid brother's fancy new female outside of his wife in county city. soon when i read again neighbor girls returned from labor living in developed cities in eastern China. they chatted online via qq, then demo&help the granddaughter of the evil dark house in front of ours use other products, including mail, microblog, alumni of qq, a Chinese monopoly portal. after dinner the recently frequent girl students visited&tried new games. they fascinated by a 3d game they likely first time experience. invited dined with us, granddaughter of elder brother tried a game she once played with my nephew&greatly enchanted. sorted stuff newly got from web till dark outside. watched TV till 9pm surfed again. didn't contact with baby nor his mom today. it turns sunny shortly when girls fiddle with their qq. its the longest day i worked outside adopting convenience of clouds.

From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ
From Hometown Journey Ⅱ

a raining scene video shot in Zhudajiu, benzrad's hometown where 朱子卓 lingered these months.

http://vimeo.com/12477420 [vimeo=12477420]

raining Zhudajiu, benzrad's hometown from China Democracy on Vimeo.

for picasaweb&flickr blocked within China mainland, the shit&dog dominated sinful land, here some digest of photos hosted domestically.

an elder in village.

a young family in Zhudajiu, benzrad's hometown.

raindrops gathered&flew on backyard ground.雨中即景:朱子卓在老家朱大九村。

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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