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Friday, December 11, 2009

4th snow of 2009, reunited with Masheng and our family.

these days i saw my new marriage closer to my new life, with my girl Zhou i searched in cyberspace for so many years now appears in my once working unit. but my eyes always open for my second wife, my Japanese princess, my God and my Sun, my breeze and my own exact. now i sensed my crowned Queen, my girl accompany me emotionally longest since our firt gathering in Nankai Univ back to 1999 or so. its a tie since our ancestor, as to me, since my past dad, and since my grand ancestor, the Emperor and Founder of Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang. Its a tie forwarding to the future of the two nations, facing to the future of global climax, and global of tribal and race, global of God.

Its also an emotional moment with our love and beloved, esp. our baby son, warrenzh, who is so cute and countless profound, who is so fragile in his temper, and so brilliant in his beams. most of most, now he under his 2 mothers' attending, and never a motherhood can compare to Masheng's care and love. i pray God not too soon to let baby son picks his agenda or task list. the world of God too perfect to improve, he but should be more enduring, more resilient, and more hard and long lives in far less perfect worldly routines like his grandpa and his father, benzrad, me. we had to be the last, to save or to check out.

this afternoon, a normal weekend, we will see our baby son in KFC, baby's favorite. i will reinforced by baby's beam. God, never a treasure can compare to my baby son's laugh, never a redemption can return the worth of my God, my dad's humor in lighthearted. God, let my baby see my new life with more freedom and pleasure! that's sure ur glory prevailing. Masheng, live with me now, from now and forever!!

From 4th snow of 2009, Masheng reunites with me&our family
From 4th snow of 2009, Masheng reunites with me&our family
for picasaweb blocked within China mainland, here part of recent photos hosted domestically.

the oldtime icon: workers' palace of QRRS.
my office and its open space. 

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